Mid October we began our journey and transition from what used to be The City Church to the planting of our new church, The Bridge Central Coast. 

Only 2 months in and we are already pushing 90+ people in attendance on a weekly basis. 

More than numbers, there has grown an incredible sense of community and family within our church, and a growing expectancy and excitement for God to move and to use us as a church not only within our city, but in this region.  

As many of you know, our heart is 3 fold:

#1-TO BE A BRIDGE….to  connect  people to Jesus!

#2 -TO BE A BRIDGE….to  connect  the  generations!

#3-TO BE A BRIDGE….of  UNITY to the region!

We meet every Sunday Morning in the Nipomo High School Forum. 9:15am-9:40am for Pre-Service Prayer, and then 10am-11:30am for our Main Sunday Service.

It’s easy to think that The Bridge’s ministry ends at 11:30am Sunday mornings, but the reality is much different.  God continues to use every single one of you every moment of every day to change the world for His glory in your workplace, your homes, your campuses and in our city.   

 When you tithe and say, “God, I trust you with my finances and my life,” and are obedient to do what the Lord commands us as believers to do in Malachi 6:10, miracles take place.

 “Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse(church) that there may be food in my house. Test me in this, ‘says the Lord Almighty,’ and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.” 

With greater resources, we see God expand our tent pegs, and are able to minister in our local community and in the greater world.  We are His hands and feet to a world so needing of love, hope and joy.  Your continued faith in giving makes that possible. 

Would you be willing to make a special year-end gift or to even partner with us on a monthly basis through recurring giving.  I believe God can use your gift to help us grow and expand in our vision for 2019, ultimately enabling us to continue to reach lives for the Kingdom and introduce the lost to Jesus Christ.  Our desire is to take the Central Coast for the name of Jesus.  It’s only been 2 months and already lives are being changed and we are growing.  We are excited for all that God has for us in the future and hope you will choose to be apart of it.   

Thank you for your continued support and partnership, 

Justin, Katie & The Bridge Central Coast Team

(Mailing Address)

The Bridge Central Coast

277 W Tefft St.  Suite F

Nipomo CA, 93444

******Please make your checks out to “Bridge Central Coast”

(All donations are still fully tax deductible)

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(NEEDS FOR 2019)



Gear for our Sunday morning worship experience and upcoming install in the forum to make set up more manageable and to enable us to build to 2 services on sunday mornings (lighting/projection/sound/worship)



Gear to make our Sunday mornings accessible online to reach the world as well as to capture testimonies of what God is doing here at the bridge




To bring on 2 staff positions in this upcoming year. Sound/Production Director (Mike Burns) as well as a connect director



To get a van for our youth program and to up our impact, as well as our influence in the youth of our city. we also need more resources for the expected growth for our children’s ministry on Sunday mornings.